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Handmade Birthday Card

Handmade Birthday Card 

Handmade gift wrapping to match dress :)

Handmade gift wrapping to match dress 🙂

Ana Inspired costume short dress so it can comfortably be used to play but you can make it as long as you’d like. Soft cotton and silky polyester for the hypersensitivity SDP child. And because it’s a circle skirt the twirl power this has was perfect for my daughter which is a human spinner.

So this is a quick post I wanted to get out before it was too late for anyone to make it. My girl has been invited to her 1st birthday party.  Now she’s been to parties before but usually because one if her brothers was invited and she came with us. But never has she been invited by a friend! … Well the day has come this little girl loves Isabella for who she is and is ok if Isabella only plays parallel to her and has been so paitent with her that now Isabella asks to go play with her friend!  To anyone that has an Autistic child I know you know the joy behind this major step! Well the party is at a gym and the theme is from the Disney Movie Frozen. I’m not the best behind a sewing machine I taught myself after I found out Isabella had Sensory Processing Disorder. She liked all the pretty princess stuff or fairies but the tulle and cheap costume fabric would dig into her like 60 grit sandpaper! And the good quality costumes were $100+ so a friend gave me her sewing machine and off I went to YouTubevercity! I’ve made a bunch of her outfits since but shy away from the delicate fabrics they scare me! But with this Ana Costume I couldn’t find any cotton in royal blue 😦 but did find a remnant of it in polyester in the clearance bin for under $3.00 so I took on the challenge and faced my fears…. but in a “safe” way that I will NEVER do again. After I cut my circle skirt out I was so terrified if the fraying that I used Fraystop all over. OMG this stuff is so tacky the skirt kept sticking to itself. I had to zigzag around the elastic waistband twice to cover all tackiness if I left a hint of it my girl would NOT wear it. Then at the bottom hem I had some hem tape that perfectly matched the blue so I sewed that on to cover tackiness on hem. If I were daring enough to sew an actual hem I would have but I only have 3 days till the party. No I don’t procrastinate I just take on WAY to many projects 3 children with do that to you! So bottom line is with my very limited novice sewing skills, scary fabric, no room fir error, and deadline I was able to completely put this costume together in 1 day! Not straight though lots of breaks to handle kid after school shuffle and waiting for glues to dry.

Skill level BEGINNER!
Sewing machine
Fabric to make circle skirt my daughter wears a size 7/8 and I used less than 3/4 yard to make an 11 inch long skirt.
Tulips fabric glitter sets (I used 2 different sets since they didn’t have all the colors I needed in one but still cost under $5.00 per set and I have a ton left ove)
Light box
Print out pattern of designs (They are free and they belong to Event Horizon Cosplay go say hi and print yours!)
I bought the tank and blue shirt at Wal-Mart on clearance and the shorts I had on hand
Gold colored ribbon

Draw out your circle skirt there are lots of tutorials online for how to make one and the formula to used so I won’t get into specifics. But you can follow this link to the instructions I used. Circle Skirt Tutorial

Next cut out your skirt. I didn’t take pics of the next few steps but you would sew your elastic into a circle then attach the skirt onto elastic but all these instructions are one the tutorial I linked to above. For bottom hem I just used hem tape I don’t have the expertise to work with this fabric so I took the safe route!

Using the light box and a printout of the design put your shirt on top use the Tulip fabric glitter set glue and trace the design one color at a time. So we did everything that would be green 1st and my little helper sprinkled all the gillter generously then carefully shake off excess glitter and funnle back into container. Repeat with all colors set aside to dry. Be careful with the glue do not snip the top (like I did) instead use a small needle to make hole.

All the pics here are self explanatory. Just be advised when doing the skirt make sure to work on a big surface and so your skirt can stay spread open and move the light box around again work one color at a time. I did all the stems and leaves 1st waited 2 hours then shook off excess and then did the next color and let it sit over night (about 24 hours) as you can see above I didn’t wait between colors on the 1st one and some pink got stuck in green areas.

Last I sewed gold trim around the bottom of shirt. I did have to cut some of the shirt off since it was to long for her. And the Shirt underneath I just tucked into the skirt. You definitely want shorts on underneath because you little girl will spend a lot of time spinning in this baby! You can get fancy and make this really look realistic but I knew this would be mostly for playing and was working with less than 24 hours at this point. So there you have it! Now go put one together for your beauty!

I would love to see everyone’s creations if you use my post as inspiration 🙂 please respect the images on this post as my own. You are welcome to use the 1st one as long as it contains a link back to my page. And if you like my post please like, share and Pin me!