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This week has been awesome for Isabella.  She had a pretty decent week at school with only about 2 meltdowns and they only lasted about 5 seconds each. On November 4th since there was no school she had an in office ABA therapy session which she was completely compliant with the demands. I did take my binder for the therapist to do the tasks I expect of her and she has memorized the majority of my cellphone number. I’ve been working hard on teaching her because God forbid she ever separates from her caretakers or me I want to be sure she can give my number when asked. This week we will start working on address! Also on November 4th I took her for her 6 Month dental and normally she sees a pediatric dentist but they stopped accepting our insurance so I figured we would at least try to take her to our family dentist Carolina Dentists. They are NOT pediatric dentist but they were able to accomplish something that her regular high priced pediatric couldn’t.  And mind you she’s been seeing her other dentist since her 1st tooth came in before she was 1 year-old! We finally got X-rays just the front top and bottom but baby steps right?! It was so interesting to watch her pick her prize. She picked a ball that had a bunch of stretch rubbery strings. Not sure what they are called but it was the kind I have been looking for to add to the sensory bucket in her calm down corner. When we got home without me telling her she took it straight to her bucket! That is such a positive sign for us in my opinion. On more than one occasion I have noticed that she goes to her corner on her own and will pick an aide to calm herself down when she knows she is feeling anxious or upset. Will write a post soon describing our calm down corner it is even a place our 11 & 12 year old boys have gone to when they think we aren’t looking. πŸ™‚

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