Today Isabella sat outside with her “Front Porch Store” with bedhead and Pajamas she ate her breakfast on a blanket next to her product line. She waved at cars going by and would greet people walking by. It was heart warming to watch. She then got a little restless and started raking leaves then jumping in the piles. We practiced some volleyball in the driveway a short while before then she went in for a snacks.  Later she came back out and played with her brother and one of his friends. I love that she is now SEEKING interaction with other kids and communicating.  It’s still rough around the edges but A LOT more understandable. Also did a little training session with her on safety and let the ball roll sown the driveway towards the street to see if she would chase it. I am proud to say not once did she chase it! She would freeze and cover her mouth and say “Oh oh”. Later in the evening we as a family were roasting marshmallows and Isabella refused to get close to the fire because “It is dangerous” even when I offered to hold her at a safe distance! She put a marshmallow on a stick and pretended from afar as on the motorcycle. She also would lay back and find the constellations she’s a smart little girl. I’m glad she has the “fear factor” and uses it to be safe.

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