Hi everyone to thank everyone that reads my posts and my awesome supporters I have decided to do a giveaway just in time for Christmas! To participate you must be able to pick up the Kitchen set yourself as I can’t cover the shipping sorry 😦

For those of you who don’t know Isabella’s Spectrum Designs is a tool that we are using to teach our daughter through something she loves to do.  She loves to cook, paint and sew. A year ago she barely spoke a word and had absolutely no interest in any back and forth interaction other than with her daddy, brothers and me. 2 years ago she asked for a play kitchen she was almost 4 and taller than most 4 year olds. I bought her a plastic kitchen and after I assembled it she was so happy she helped assemble it but when it was time to play she was on her knees and was still to tall! We paid close to $100 for it! She lost interest in it really fast. Then she asked me her favorite question “Mommy can we build one?” There began the internet searches which lead me to repurposed furniture! I got excited and showed her several pictures and then we were on the hunt. The hunt is where her curiosity finally peaked! Going to thrift shops was like a candy store for her. She was finally I interested in knowing objects around her. “Mommy what’s this called?” She would ask about everything see saw. So I took it as a chance to teach her. Every single question was answered in a full sentence. “Isabella that is a vintage baby stroller for mommy’s to push babies around a long time ago.” When we looped all the way she would want to go back except this time she would grab or point the item and she would tell me what it was. Her face has never been more animated but when I say its time to go hmmmmmm guess I should have thrown in a transition item because she was not happy! Anyway we finally found the perfect piece at the perfect price and started the project she wanted to help so I’d let her. And I would talk about the steps that we take and why. She soaks it all in. We worked for 3 weeks and finally in time for Christmas it was ready. When she woke up it was assembled and fully stocked with food, pots, pans, utensils and appliances! She was so amazed loved it and now 2 years later after many many hours of play she still loves it and it still looks great!

So time for the giveaway. To join you must be able to pick up the Kitchen if you win. Also these kitchens my have small parts that although we do secure them as best we can we ask that if you occasionally check them as they could pose a choking hazard. If you win I would love a picture of your child playing with it! For your entries you must follow us on Facebook and for additional entries visit and follow my sponsors below and comment on their page that Isabella’s Spectrum Designs sent you. Good luck everyone!

Click on the link below to go to the giveaway entry form 🙂

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