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This week I’ve seen her get way more involved in her shop (the garage) caught her a couple of times just going out by herself to work on her puzzle piece wreaths and jewelry. I wouldn’t mind so much but it was freezing and she went out in pajamas.  The concentration that she is able to acquire when she is squeezing out the glitter glue onto the puzzle piece is amazing and the pride when she is done. I only wish that when she is coloring on a coloring book she would use several colors like she does with the glitter.

Her speech is awesome!  So clear and she properly uses some very big words. I like how she throws in adjectives. “Mommy isn’t this a spectacular pony palace?” She amazes me.  And her memory is immaculate.  She can watch just about anything and memorize it after seeing it a couple of times. All instructions I give her I say clearly and have her repeat she understands way more than people give her credit.

This week we had to drop her off at my friends house for an hour because we had an appointment we both had to attend.  This is the first time someone other than grandma has watched her. She had such a wonderful time that she cried the whole way home. She played together with her son and even let him hug her! A year ago had a child gotten that close she would have pushed him clear across the room. So this is a major growth!

She also had a great week at school I haven’t had to walk in with her just walk her to the door. Friday was a iffy day with screaming.  Even when she was doing what she wanted to do. Ex: screaming what’s the matter Isabella?  I want to swing! But you are swinging!  Ohhhh noooooooo but I want to swing!  Not sure what happened so wish I could be there to translate.

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