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imageI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a prosperous New Year.
So updating our blog over the holidays has proven to be next to impossible. So now that I have a quick moment to myself before the kids wake up I thought I’d jot some thoughts down.

The biggest change that we have had is that finally 5 months after I applied I was approved to volunteer in Isabella’s classroom. At the moment we are using me being there as a “prize” she has to earn throughout the day. When she earns all of her tokens the teacher sends me a text and I come in at the end of the day to spend some time with the class. The goal is though for me to be there during the day to help with the day to day. I would like to play the role of her ABA Therapist which is only there 2 days a week for 3 hours each visit. But she isn’t in a place that she will let me go quietly just yet.

During Christmas break I noticed she was a lot more conversational than I’m use to. Very animated and asking questions. She didn’t have any meltdowns even with all the craziness and crowds looking for last minute gifts. Stuff that made me anxious she was handling like a pro. At the stores she would approach the staff and ask for stuff such as 1 yard of fabric please! She loves to sew and really loves picking out her fabric. But what the staff didn’t like was her ringing the bell to get their attention. She was pretty awful to my daughter even after I explained her condition and that she is actually really wanting a yard of fabric. Still attitude so we walked away and spoke with manager (which turns out has 2 autistic children so he wasn’t to happy) But Isabella didn’t have a meltdown because we left without the fabric proud of my baby girl. So we went to very very crowded Walmart and she picked out fabric there where the staff know her and respect her.

On Christmas Eve she was so excited! And as we went to bed we realized that we forgot to put out Milk and Cookies for Santa. Couldn’t count on Brothers they were sleeping so it was up to Isabella and I. But to our surprise we heard a bustle in the Living room. Isabella went to find out what it was. IT WAS SANTA! We caught him again this year! She has never been more conversational as she was with him it was great to watch. Here is the video for you to enjoy!

Video: Visit from Santa captured!