Hi everyone! Our journey has taken us further into toy making! As usual I follow Isabella’s passions and support them as much as I can. You can never learn to much 😊 Anyone that knows an autistic person probably has found out that some Autistic people go through a cycle of favorite things. (Makes it really hard to get rid of stuff😂) Isabella’s cycles through her toys where she’ll play everyday for a few weeks with one set being the “main characters ” of everything and she is now bring in other toys as “supporting actors” (not to long ago it was against her nature to mix toys during play so this is a big step!) then after a few weeks she’ll move on to her next collection that gets to play a leading role. During the times the toys get their “time in the spotlight” we add more to the collection 😊 at the moment she has gone waaaay back to a set that I thought would never make its way back into the cycle which are the “Super Why” characters. We never had toys for that just 4 cake decorations and through the years lost 1 and damaged another in the water. But it has been 4 YEARS since the last time she touched those well they’re back! And those toys are not way to expensive since they are discontinued. 

Okay so now that that’s clear I can get back to the plushies. We have been playing around with making dolls for years. Isabella designed and made her 1 doll at about age 4. Not pretty by a long shot but it did turn out exactly the way she designed it 💙 Needless to say now that our Doll and softie making skills have greatly improved we will be figuring out together how to make a Super Why set of dolls!!! Stay tuned for the design process 😍 I will post updates as they happen. 

In the mean time here are a few that we have already made. We did get her a new embroidery machine which has her pretty excited! It’s the 1st thing she asks for when she wakes up (even before asking for breakfast!)  

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