Items we Recommend

In this page we will list items that we have tried and seen improvements in our children or that we have used to better understand our kids. Items will include both store bought and handmade. If store bought we will include the information on where we found it but by no means are we pushing items at the moment we do no receive any funds for our recommendations and if we were getting paid in anyway we would definately let you know. This blog isn’t to make money it’s to help in anyway that we can in reducing stress and that will always be our goal plus it reduces my stress to get thought out of my head!!! So back on track…. if the item is handmade we will include instructions so you can make your own or hyperlink to where we found the helpful instructions! (We would never want to infringe on anyones copyrights!) If we see something that we think maybe helpful even if it didn’t work for us we would also list that but would be clear that it didn’t work for us but as we all know no 2 autistic children are alike so it may work for you and if not put a check on the box and move on to the next thing 🙂 If you have ideas please comment on the post and share with our community. Alone we may not have it together, but together we have it all.

#1 I would write this in all caps but don’t want you to think I am yelling! Signing Time video series! So this set was definitely what broke the communication barrier with Isabella. The videos are short and each have a theme. They are pricey but you can find them on Ebay. You can purchase one at a time or find someone selling a set. The videos are high energy and very repetitive we had a disc in every TV in the house and car. No matter where you turned there was American Sign Language being taught. And Rachel and friends not only signs the word but they say it out loud and it is spelled on the monitor so literally Isabella learned to speak, sign, spell and read at the same time. This is still a work in progress but has opened the gateway. They also have a YouTube channel whrre you can watch clips for free. *if you visit please comment that you heard about them through Isabella’s Spectrum Designs. We don’t get paid but hopefully it will bring us an audience so we can grow!

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