About Us

We are a family run embroidery and digitizing business. My husband and I both retired from the US Army in 2010. We decided after our military careers that we would not pursue second careers and dedicate our time to our 3 children (now ages:14, 13, 8) to raise them into self sufficient adults. 2 of our children are on the Autism Spectrum. Though both are on the spectrum they are on opposite ends of the Spectrum. But one thing they share is their social issues. Our daughter which was completely nonverbal until she was 4 years old was having the hardest time adjusting to school at 5 we stopped the torture of sending her to school where she was in constant fight or flight mode. We started homeschooling her and wishing months intellectually speaking she was caught up with peers on subjects was talking, reading and writing. By the end of the year she was ahead of peers in school subjects! Still she struggles socially and that has been our focus this year. What we learned was to be creative while we taught her so we started creating things such as repurposed play kitchens. And items with polymer clay. This gave her the sensory break plus we were creating thing that we could sell at crafts shows and online where math was worked in a "real world" way. This early start to teaching her how to run a business gives us a peace of mind as we don't know what her future will be we definitely know that at least she can earn her own money doing something she loves. Since our opening day 2 years ago her interest has changed into creating dolls and stuffies and other sewing and embroidered goods so we jumped in and bought a multi needle machine (after to smaller single needles machines) she can fully create our products independently from start to finish! So proud of her! This year we pulled out our son High School wasn't working out for him in public school either as the social aspect changes drastically with the kids and he wasn't adjusting well. After a quick lesson on our digitizing software he quickly understood it and now is the main digitizer. He wanted to earn money to pay for his costumes for dance recitals but was to young for a job. Now this has given him a way to do that on his own. I'm very proud of the initiative that he has taken. My husband and I are in charge of keeping them focused and giving them the tools to cope in a neurotypical world.