Shopkins Blue Girls Boy shorts underwear optional “Period Panties”

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Girls boy short panties! Amazingly comfortable, even under your jeans. Comfy knit bands are the secret to such a luxurious fit. Perfect for under skirts or dresses as they look like modesty shorts. These would also be great for gymnastics and as a very modest 2 piece swimsuit when paired with our crop top/sports bra. (Can be ordered here Children’s or here for Ladies.

This listing is for one pair of boy shorts style panties in the size of your choice.

After you own a pair of these, you may feel the need to throw out all of your store bought panties so you can have a drawer full of these!!

Please look at the last photo for measurement chart to choose the correct size for you. These are handmade to order and require up to 10 business days to complete unless you choose a custom knit print that we don’t have on hand. 

To make a whole family set of undies here are some quick links!

Mens Boxers

Ladies Boxers

Ladies Boy Shorts

My daughter’s review comfortable, no squeezing, soft seams. 

Personal review and TMI! I personally don’t like not wear undies I found myself in a situation where I had to wear them and couldn’t drive. So I sat down and started making a couple of pairs for myself and let me tell you this design is not only super cut but soooooo  incredibly comfortable now I can honestly say I love undies! These have the option upon request to be made into “Period Panties”

What is a Period panty? our version of a Period panty will have a female end of Snap installed into the crotch part of undies in between the main and liner layers so you can’t see it from the outside then sold separately will be reusable pads with the male end of snap installed. This will hold the pad to the panties while you wear it. The pads are handmade and have different levels of absorbency depending on what “Aunt Flow” is sending your way (also great for those older moments when you laugh or sneeze and a little something sprinkles out 🤫) . They are really comfortable . 😁 just let us know in the notes to seller if you want Period panties these shouldn’t be work without the pad because there is that snap and I’m sure it will hurt tender areas.