Video Journal

Hi there! Every now and then I will post a video a video window into our crazy home life 🙂

So to start here is a sneak peak of Christmas Eve 2014 Santa gets caught red handed! Isabella may be on the Autism Spectrum but has no problem socializing with Santa!  Enjoy!
Isabella’s encounter with Santa

New Year’s Eve 2014 block party. Very new experience for our family which has always stayed home. This party was from 5-8 lots of people and very loud. But with a little preparation the kids had a great time! Isabella’s First Block Party

We encourage Isabella to help us anytime we can. This builds her self esteem and also makes her feel like a contributing part of the family. Now whenever possible I turn simple tasks into a learning moment! Here in this clip she is helping put away the utensils so she is 1-helping 2-fine motor 3-sorting which will be useful for school work 4-focused and completing task! Sorting Barnes Style!

Our favorite toys! Shopkins! Ok I know these are all the rage right now with little children! But in our house we take it to the next level. It isn’t just a toy its a learning tool. I will write a blog post on How we use Shopkins to generalize everyday things in real life! But for now here’s a quick clip! Shopkins and Autism they work GREAT together

A little Heavy work for my daughter and I 🙂 Being a stay at home mom and now homeschooling my daughter has really put a stop to my daily runs 😦 I’m no where as active as I once was but when I can sneak in a work out I make sure to include my daughter. Providing her with some heavy work before getting to school work seems to ground her. Here is a short clip 🙂 Sensory Diet: Heavy work with a kettle bell

I have 2 children on the Autism Spectrum. Funny how they have 3 things in common and very much passionate about. Cooking, Sewing and all things music! here Big brother and baby sister are making a special treat for mommy. I’m glad that for once I had access to the camera during the tender moment! Take a peek! Brother and Sister working together

2 years later a couple of inches taller and my baby girl is still enjoying the 1st play kitchen we made together! This clip is also so you can see the quality and longevity of the kitchens we make together 🙂 Baby girl pretending to cook

An example of my homeschooling reviews 😛 yes its another form of exercise for me so I don’t complain plus I get a little girl that is happy to learn! I’m sure that at some point I will have to transition her to work more at the table but for now I just want her to know she CAN do it! Enjoy this clip I did! A different approach to Homeschooling an Autistic Child!

My girl loves deep pressure it is how we start and end the day. There is no method to how I do it I just give her pressure and pull her limbs because it’s what she likes (We now have an OT which has shown us how to do joint compressions which is different than what I’m doing here but I won’t show that as I don’t want people to think oh I don’t need to find an OT lol) but our deep tissue massages in the evening are after bath time and I use Bath and Body works Lavender Chamomile Aroma Therapy lotion. To Aid her in falling to sleep 🙂 She hates lotion but love “Massage Lotion” lol Waking Up Baby girl

Another Movement Break to make our Home school days run smoother Dance Off!

Sensory Break and Lesson Review if I’m not multitasking then something ain’t right! PS: I swear I’m wearing Shorts!  Sensory Break

This was on our visit to the Marble Kids Museum. I’m kinda surprised at how well Baby Girl did because I was overstimulated and ready to jump out of my skin! But Isabella did really well she sooo wanted to play hockey and I got so mad when she finally got a puck and this little boy just took it! But proud of how she reacted! In the Hockey Rink

Another Clip from our trip to the Marble Kids Museum. Here it really looks like she’s pretending but in reality she’s trying to regulate herself. Pizza Delivery

Showing off her Pet Parakeet Jewel! This was almost a year ago she still loves her parakeet to death. She has built the perch for her bird and takes great care of her. Jewel is a part of the family now and has done wonders for my girl 🙂 Introducing Jewel Barnes

She wanted to do a talent show soooooo Presenting the Incredible Spectacular Isabella! and well her brother which really kinda didn’t want to dance 😛 Talent Show

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